Video DownloadHelper 5.4.2

Use this program to get the help you need to download almost any video online

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Video DownloadHelper 5.4.2
Video DownloadHelper 4.9.22

Video DownloadHelper is a Firefox and Chrome extension that simplifies video downloading.

Video DownloadHelper was originally launched way back in the Windows 98 days. It’s come a long way since then, so if you’re reading about the program, be sure it applies to the modern version. This is now a browser extension that helps with downloading video files from video sites like YouTube but also from any site with video links. There’s some old criticism and praise that just doesn’t apply any longer.

The modern version of Video DownloadHelper integrates with both Chrome and Firefox. As this review is written, Firefox has just made big changes that have outmoded many Firefox extensions. The developers of Video DownloadHelper had a new version ready to go when that changeover occurred. That gives you a good sense of how active development is still all these years later.

This program for Windows supports many different websites. In fact, it has a lot of website-specific support, such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion and Twitter. It also fully supports most generic sites and generally only fails when a relatively unknown site uses a proprietary mechanism.

Video DownloadHelper adds an icon to your browser, which you can easily use to access the many features and options that extension provides. Most users will only ever use a small subset of them, but if you’re an advanced user, there a lot of ways to fine-tune your experience. The program supports shortcuts. It has quick download options. It can even download entire media galleries. It plays nice with AdBlock and the like—as long as those aren’t interfering with video playback—but it can also automatically avoid capture of advertisements without there assistance.

Video DownloadHelper isn’t completely free. There’s a freeware version that can then be upgraded to the full paid version. Upgrading is optional. However, if you choose not to upgrade, there are certain limitations you’ll have to contend with. For instance, videos downloaded with the free version include a DownloadHelper QR code in the top-left corner. The paid version also gives you the option to convert into MP3, such as for extracting music files from music videos on YouTube.


  • Browser extension
  • Video download assistant
  • Supports many different websites


  • Some features-paywalled

Download videos from your Mozilla Firefox browser by using the Video DownloadHelper add-on. This handy downloading software will install in a discreet manner with no extra toolbars or additional desktop icons to clutter up your screen. Now you can download and save your favorite music videos, funny clips, movies or TV episodes so that you can view them as often as you like in a variety of formats.

Once installed, the DownloadHelper add-on is under the Tools menu on your Firefox browser window. It works well with a majority of online video websites and will not automatically download video ads, ensuring that you only end up with the content that you have interest in.

This Free software is compatible with Firefox 3.0 browsers and works with Windows 98 OS or higher. The latest version 4.9.22 allows the add-on to be compatible with Firefox 10 (Aurora) browsers. It is one of the top free video downloading tools available with an estimated 8,000 downloads completed per month. The file size is 761 KB and the software is designed by DownloadHelper.

Video DownloadHelper includes many user-friendly options such as Copy URL, the ability to convert a file, or download it as a hidden file. The add-on works with some of the most popular video hosting websites including Google Video, YouTube, DailyMotion, and MySpace.


• Compatible with many video hosting websites

• Works well with the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox

• A variety of options to choose from

• This add-on features a good selection of methods for recognizing video formats

• Will not automatically download ads

• Free Download

• Consistently updated to improve bugs and enhance features


• Since the product is free it typically does not start downloads as fast as you may expect it to

• There are some available options geared toward visitors to adult-themed websites

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